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Version: v7 - alpha

Awesome Sequelize

A curated list of awesome projects surrounding Sequelize.


Code generation & visualisers

  • sequelize-ui - Online tool for building models, relations and more.
  • sequelizer - A GUI Desktop App for generating Sequelize models. Support for Mysql, Mariadb, Postgres, Sqlite, Mssql.
  • sequelize-auto Generating models for SequelizeJS via the command line is another choice.
  • pg-generator - Auto generate/scaffold Sequelize models for PostgreSQL database.
  • meteor modeler - Desktop tool for visual definition of Sequelize models and associations.
  • sequel-ace-typescript-bundles - A plugin for Sequel Ace that allows generation of Sequelize models from selected database tables.



  • umzug - framework-agnostic migration tool for Node.
  • sequelize-cli - The Sequelize Command Line Interface. Includes umzug-based migrations.
  • sequelize-mig - Sequelize migration generator
  • sequelizemm - CLI tool to generate a migration script from models



These libraries haven't been updated in a long time, and may not work with newer versions of Sequelize