Class Errors

View code Sequelize provides a host of custom error classes, to allow you to do easier debugging. All of these errors are exposed on the sequelize object and the sequelize constructor. All sequelize errors inherit from the base JS error object.

new BaseError()

View code The Base Error all Sequelize Errors inherit from.

Aliases: Error

new ValidationError(message, [errors])

View code Validation Error. Thrown when the sequelize validation has failed. The error contains an errors property, which is an array with 1 or more ValidationErrorItems, one for each validation that failed.


Name Type Description
message string Error message
[errors] Array Array of ValidationErrorItem objects describing the validation errors

Extends: BaseError


View code Gets all validation error items for the path / field specified.


Name Type Description
path string The path to be checked for error items


View code An array of ValidationErrorItems

new DatabaseError()

View code A base class for all database related errors.

Extends: BaseError


View code The database specific error which triggered this one


View code The SQL that triggered the error

new TimeoutError()

View code Thrown when a database query times out because of a deadlock

Extends: DatabaseError

new UniqueConstraintError()

View code Thrown when a unique constraint is violated in the database

Extends: DatabaseError

new ForeignKeyConstraintError()

View code Thrown when a foreign key constraint is violated in the database

Extends: DatabaseError


View code The message from the DB.


View code The fields of the unique constraint


View code The value(s) which triggered the error


View code The name of the index that triggered the error

new ValidationErrorItem(message, type, path, value)

View code Validation Error Item Instances of this class are included in the ValidationError.errors property.


Name Type Description
message string An error message
type string The type of the validation error
path string The field that triggered the validation error
value string The value that generated the error

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