Interface BulkCreateOptions<TAttributes>

Options for Model.bulkCreate method

interface BulkCreateOptions<TAttributes> {
    benchmark?: boolean;
    conflictAttributes?: (keyof TAttributes)[];
    conflictWhere?: WhereOptions<TAttributes>;
    connection?: null | AbstractConnection;
    fields?: (keyof TAttributes)[];
    hooks?: boolean;
    ignoreDuplicates?: boolean;
    include?: AllowArray<Includeable>;
    individualHooks?: boolean;
    logging?: false | ((sql, timing?) => void);
    returning?: boolean | (Col | Literal | keyof TAttributes)[];
    searchPath?: string;
    transaction?: null | Transaction;
    updateOnDuplicate?: (keyof TAttributes)[];
    validate?: boolean;

Type Parameters

  • TAttributes = any

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Indicates if the query completes the transaction Internal only

benchmark?: boolean

Pass query execution time in milliseconds as second argument to logging function (options.logging).

conflictAttributes?: (keyof TAttributes)[]

Optional override for the conflict fields in the ON CONFLICT part of the query. Only supported in Postgres >= 9.5 and SQLite >= 3.24.0

conflictWhere?: WhereOptions<TAttributes>

An optional parameter to specify a where clause for partial unique indexes (note: ON CONFLICT WHERE not ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE WHERE). Only supported in Postgres >= 9.5 and sqlite >= 9.5

connection?: null | AbstractConnection

The connection on which this query must be run. Mutually exclusive with Transactionable.transaction.

Can be used to ensure that a query is run on the same connection as a previous query, which is useful when configuring session options.

Specifying this option takes precedence over CLS Transactions. If a transaction is running in the current AsyncLocalStorage context, it will be ignored in favor of the specified connection.

fields?: (keyof TAttributes)[]

Fields to insert (defaults to all fields)

hooks?: boolean

If false the applicable hooks will not be called. The default value depends on the context.


ignoreDuplicates?: boolean

Ignore duplicate values for primary keys?



Include options. See find for details

individualHooks?: boolean

Run before / after create hooks for each individual Instance? BulkCreate hooks will still be run if BulkCreateOptions.hooks is true.


logging?: false | ((sql, timing?) => void)

A function that gets executed while running the query to log the sql.

Type declaration

    • (sql, timing?): void
    • Parameters

      • sql: string
      • Optional timing: number

      Returns void

returning?: boolean | (Col | Literal | keyof TAttributes)[]

Return all columns or only the specified columns for the affected rows (only for postgres)

searchPath?: string

An optional parameter to specify the schema search_path (Postgres only)

transaction?: null | Transaction

The transaction in which this query must be run. Mutually exclusive with Transactionable.connection.

If the Sequelize disableClsTransactions option has not been set to true, and a transaction is running in the current AsyncLocalStorage context, that transaction will be used, unless null or another Transaction is manually specified here.

updateOnDuplicate?: (keyof TAttributes)[]

Fields to update if row key already exists (on duplicate key update)? (only supported by MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite >= 3.24.0 & Postgres >= 9.5).

validate?: boolean

Should each row be subject to validation before it is inserted. The whole insert will fail if one row fails validation