interface AbstractQueryOptions {
    attributes: unknown[];
    fieldMap?: boolean;
    hasJoin: boolean;
    include: boolean;
    includeMap: any;
    includeNames: unknown[];
    instance?: Model<any, any>;
    logging?: boolean | ((sql, timing?) => void);
    model?: ModelStatic;
    nest: boolean;
    originalAttributes: unknown[];
    plain: boolean;
    queryLabel?: string;
    raw: boolean;
    type?: QueryTypes;


attributes: unknown[]
fieldMap?: boolean
hasJoin: boolean
include: boolean
includeMap: any
includeNames: unknown[]
instance?: Model<any, any>
logging?: boolean | ((sql, timing?) => void)

A function that gets executed while running the query to log the sql.

Type declaration

    • (sql, timing?): void
    • Parameters

      • sql: string
      • Optional timing: number

      Returns void

model?: ModelStatic
nest: boolean
originalAttributes: unknown[]
plain: boolean
queryLabel?: string
raw: boolean
type?: QueryTypes