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Interface UpsertOptions<TAttributes>

Options for Model.upsert method

Type parameters

  • TAttributes = any




benchmark?: boolean

Pass query execution time in milliseconds as second argument to logging function (options.logging).

conflictFields?: keyof TAttributes[]

Optional override for the conflict fields in the ON CONFLICT part of the query. Only supported in Postgres >= 9.5 and SQLite >= 3.24.0

fields?: keyof TAttributes[]

The fields to insert / update. Defaults to all fields.

If none of the specified fields are present on the provided values object, an insert will still be attempted, but duplicate key conflicts will be ignored.

hooks?: boolean

If false the applicable hooks will not be called. The default value depends on the context.



logging?: boolean | ((sql: string, timing?: number) => void)

A function that gets executed while running the query to log the sql.

returning?: boolean | keyof TAttributes[]

Fetch back the affected rows (only for postgres)

searchPath?: string

An optional parameter to specify the schema search_path (Postgres only)

transaction?: null | Transaction

The transaction in which this query must be run.

If CLS is enabled and a transaction is running in the current CLS context, that transaction will be used, unless null or a Transaction is manually specified here.

validate?: boolean

Run validations before the row is inserted



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