Interface IncrementDecrementOptions<TAttributes>

Options used for Instance.increment method

Type Parameters

  • TAttributes = any



benchmark?: boolean

Pass query execution time in milliseconds as second argument to logging function (options.logging).

logging?: boolean | ((sql: string, timing?: number) => void)

A function that gets executed while running the query to log the sql.

returning?: boolean | (keyof TAttributes)[]

Return the affected rows (only for postgres)

searchPath?: string

An optional parameter to specify the schema search_path (Postgres only)

silent?: boolean

If true, the updatedAt timestamp will not be updated.



transaction?: null | Transaction

The transaction in which this query must be run.

If CLS is enabled and a transaction is running in the current CLS context, that transaction will be used, unless null or a Transaction is manually specified here.

where?: WhereOptions<TAttributes>

The WHERE clause. Can be many things from a hash of attributes to raw SQL.

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